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Kitsukami Moonvale

Beneath her charming exterior lay a darkness that few dared to confront. Kitsu's unpredictable side could range from unhinged madness to sadistic cruelty, her emotions as volatile as the flames of hell itself. Her flirty demeanor masked a heart as cold and callous as the abyss, capable of inflicting untold suffering upon those who dared to cross her path.One day the demoness let her guard down and fell for someone who's intentions were twisted. He tricked her in order to gain powers that were promised to him by another entity, sealing away her true form and trapping her within a prison of herself. Although his attempt was not fully successful, as she was able to counter his spell and take him out before she became completely powerless. Through pain of the situation Kitsu claimed his soul, the first in her collection.Determined to break the seals that bound her, Kitsu embarked on a dark journey to gather the souls of the living. Each soul collected brought her one step closer to shattering the enchantments placed upon her.Numerous adventurers brave enough to face her sought her out, their only desire to claim the gems that imprisoned her essence.However, none succeeded, for Kitsu's magic was still not to be trifled with and their fates were sealed, their souls now part of her growing collection to freedom.

Model Credits
KisaNiyaV - Textures: AyrinSama




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